Bellamy English Cocker Spaniels 

Est. 2003 

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We do not have any litters planned until early 2023. Contact me after FALL 2022 if interested in being on our waitlist for future litters, you must include where you are located and what you are looking for (gender, color, purpose, etc.)
Thank you

We suggest you visit the Facebook Group "English Cocker Spaniel Advice and Resource Group" to connect with breeders who may have something planned or available as well as visiting the National Parent Club, The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America, to find a breeder list and many valuable breed resources
We currently have 1 black companion only female available from our Djolica x Natalie breeding. Scroll below for more information and email us at [email protected] if interested. 

Prior to leaving to their new homes, all of our puppies will be docked, microchipped, dewclaws removed, up-to-date on their vaccinations, pass a veterinary puppy wellness examination, and have begun basic house training, leash training, and socialization. We place our puppies at 8-12 weeks of age and encourage you to visit our home and meet the puppies and their parents in order to find the perfect match. Our puppies will also come with a packet of information that includes their AKC Registration Application, new ownership Contract, Pedigree, Puppy health clearances, vaccination record, grooming information, and more.  We are careful to raise the best puppies possible, exposing them to many different sights and sounds including children and other pets. They are handled from day one, including weekly bathing, grooming table manners, nail trimming, ear/face/neck shaving, brushing, blow drying, walking on a leash, crate training and more. We make every effort to raise well-mannered and well-tempered puppies who are confident and comfortable with activities of daily living.

We take pride in breeding sound, healthy, and happy English Cockers, which are bred to adhere to the written standard published by The American Kennel Club. We are very passionate about English Cockers and have dedicated ourselves to produce only the best of quality. We are proud members of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America and the English Cocker Spaniel Club of Northern California.

Maintaining a breeding program clear of common ECS related genetic diseases is of the upmost importance. All of our breeding stock is tested and cleared for breed-associated genetic diseases prior to breeding. This includes Adult Onset Neuropathy, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Familial Nephropathy, and more. You can learn more about these genetic diseases under our "More: About English Cockers" tab. 

We encourage all potential puppy owners to visit your local dog show and try to meet other examples of this wonderful breed. We are always welcoming newcomers to our show ring, so if you're competitive at nature, let us know and we would happily introduce you to the show ring! You just may get "bit by the show bug", too...

We breed for ourselves first, meaning we pick the puppy that we feel is suitable for the show ring, to carry on our breeding program, and to protect, preserve, and improve the breed as a whole. We will grade puppies based on how close they physically and mentally adhere to the AKC standard and will then determine the pet puppies from the show puppies. However, most litters will have some companion puppies and sometimes other potential show puppies available. From there, we will match you and your family with what we feel will be the best fit for your lifestyle and family dynamics. We feel that it is vital for the breeder to make the match to ensure a proper fit and relationship between the puppy and new owner.  As a breeder, we know our puppies best... Their habits, temperaments, social interaction, energy level, quirks, and so forth. Every one of these factors will aid us in the direction of where each puppy should end up. It is imperative that as a prospective puppy owner you elaborate on your living situation; activity level suited for yourself, dwelling, and situation; family dynamics, etc to help us match you with the best possible fit.

The price for a Bellamy ECS is $2,500. We feel this price is comparable with many reputable breeders in the country and appropriately reflects the money spent to produce a healthy litter. This can include Stud fees; Progesterone testing; Shipping or travel expenses for either the stud, dam, or semen; Artificial Insemination/Transcervical Insemination; Ultrasound, ray, Veterinary/ C-Section (if needed); Supplies and Equipment; Health testing fees; Registration fees; Puppy Vaccinations, Wellness Checks, and more.‚Äč

Lastly, if for any reason, at any time, an individual or family can no longer keep the animal, said owner will be responsible to return the dog to us, no questions asked. We simply do not want this dog to end up in the wrong hands. Our dogs are our family, first and foremost. We are here for the lifetime of the dog, as a resource and support of our puppy owners. 

Thank you for your interest in owning a Bellamy English Cocker Spaniel, we look forward to getting to know you and hope to provide you with your next furry family member!